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Thousand Oaks history

Situated in Ventura County’s scenic beauty, Thousand Oaks boasts a special charm and community spirit. Positioned at 34.1706° N latitude and 118.8376° W longitude, it spans about 55 square miles, featuring diverse neighborhoods and amenities. Key postal codes include 91360, 91362, and 91320.

The history of Thousand Oaks is a tapestry of rich and varied narratives, tracing its origins from ancient Native American settlements to its emergence as a thriving modern metropolis. Initially inhabited by the Chumash people, the area witnessed the arrival of Spanish explorers in the 18th century, shaping its cultural landscape. Subsequently, the land transitioned into the Rancho El Conejo, a Spanish land grant awarded to the Ortega family in the early 19th century.

Throughout the 20th century, Thousand Oaks underwent a metamorphosis from a predominantly agrarian region to a suburban haven. The post-World War II era ushered in a period of unprecedented growth, attracting a wave of newcomers drawn to the region’s serene ambience.

Today, Thousand Oaks stands as a vibrant city, blending its storied heritage with contemporary amenities, rendering it a captivating and desirable destination for both residents and visitors alike.




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Thousand Oaks bustles with approximately 127,648 residents. The city embraces diversity, welcoming people from all walks of life, with a median age of 44.4 years. Gender equality prevails, with an even split between males and females, fostering a sense of balance and inclusivity.

Cultural diversity flourishes in Thousand Oaks, with 81.04% of residents born in the United States, 11.88% addressing from international origins, and 7.08% classified as non-citizens. Family-oriented living additions in this lively community, with 38% of residents under the age of 18.

Thousand Oaks housing landscape is varied, offering 48,005 residences with an average household size of 3. Family households predominate, comprising 68.94% of the total, while non-family households make up the remaining 31.06%.

Homeownership is prevalent, with 69% of properties owner-occupied, while rentals constitute the remaining 31%.

Education holds a paramount place in Thousand Oaks, with 30% of residents holding college certificates or degrees

29% possessing bachelor’s degrees, and 21% with master’s degrees. The workforce is predominantly white-collar, constituting 88.37% of the population, while blue-collar workers make up the remaining 11.63%.

Economic prosperity flourishes in Thousand Oaks, with an average annual household income of $153,349 and a median income of $113,942.

Thousand oaks Crime statistics





Auto Theft




In Thousand Oaks, California, ensuring community safety is a top priority, thanks to the dedicated efforts of law enforcement and emergency services. However, like many cities, Thousand Oaks faces challenges such as theft and burglaries due to fluctuating crime patterns and law enforcement presence. Residents must remain vigilant to maintain neighborhood security.

Compared to nearby areas, Thousand Oaks’ crime rate is slightly below the national average. On average, a crime is reported every 4 hours 33 minutes in Thousand Oaks. Homes without proper security measures are especially vulnerable to break-ins. The annual crime rate in Thousand Oaks stands at 24.74 per 1,000 residents, with varying levels of criminal activity across the city.

In Thousand Oaks, most crimes occur in the southeast districts, with around 507 incidents reported annually. Conversely, the northwest region experiences fewer instances of crime, averaging only 121 incidents per year.

The possibility of being a crime victim in Thousand Oaks varies significantly, ranging from 1 in 23 in certain northeast neighborhoods to 1 in 73 in the northwest part of the city.

Thousand Oaks saw a total of 1,453 reported incidents. Among these, there were 9 cases of rape, 27 instances of robbery, 35 reports of assault, and 1 murder, resulting in a total of 72 violent crimes. Property crimes constitute the majority, with 158 reported burglaries

1,118 thefts, and 105 vehicle thefts, totaling 1,381 property crime incidents.

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