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Burbank CrimE Statistics

Burbank, California, falls within the jurisdiction of the Burbank Police Department and the Burbank Fire Department. Like many urban areas, Burbank faces challenges related to property crimes such as burglaries and home invasions. Factors such as limited police resources and fluctuations in crime rates contribute to the increased vulnerability residents may experience as potential victims of such offenses.

Compared to neighboring regions, Burbank’s crime rate is slightly lower than the average US city. On average, a crime is reported every 2 hours 34 minutes in Burbank. Homes lacking security systems are at a significantly higher risk, being 300% more likely to be targeted for robbery. The annual crime rate in Burbank stands at 31.27 incidents per 1,000 residents, with variations observed across different parts of the city. In Burbank, certain areas experience fewer cases of crime, with approximately 190 incidents per year in the southern neighborhoods, compared to around 728 cases annually in the eastern parts of Burbank. The likelihood of experiencing crime in Burbank varies across different neighborhoods. For instance, residents in the northwest neighborhoods may face a higher risk, with a chance of 1 in 22 of being a victim. Conversely, those residing in the southeast part of the city have a lower risk, with a chance as low as 1 in 44 of experiencing crime.

Burbank experiences a total violent crime rate of 3.268 incidents per 1,000 residents annually, including 1.740 for assault, 1.138 for robbery, 0.0276 for murder, and 0.3623 for rape. Property crimes contribute to a total rate of 14.79 incidents per 1,000 residents annually, comprising 6.748 incidents of theft, 3.496 incidents of vehicle theft, and 4.225 incidents of burglary, with the rate of vandalism amounting to approximately 4.198 incidents per 1,000 residents per year.

Given the provided data, it would be prudent to strengthen home security measures in Burbank. This could involve the installation of advanced security systems equipped with features such as door and glass break sensors, as well as motion detectors. These measures can effectively discourage potential intruders and help safeguard your property.




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Burbank, California, is a vibrant city teeming with approximately 103,411 residents, showcasing a diverse tapestry of age groups with a median age of 39.6. The population is nearly evenly distributed across genders, with a slight majority of 51.34% being females and 48.66% males.

Diversity thrives in Burbank, reflecting a rich cultural mosaic where 70.03% of residents are US-born citizens, 20.94% are non-US-born citizens, and 9.03% are non-citizens. Family life flourishes in this dynamic community, with 24.5%of residents under the age of 18, adding to its lively ambiance. Established residents are well represented, with 12.2% aged 65 and above.

The housing landscape in Burbank caters to a variety of needs, offering 48,524 units with an average household size of 2.6. Family-centric living is prevalent, with 59.62% of units being family households. Non-family households make up the remaining 40.38% providing a diverse array of living arrangements. Of these households, 26.04% consist of families with children, while 73.96% are without children. Homeownership is popular, with 43% of units owner-occupied. Rentals comprise the remaining 57%, with an average monthly cost of $2,004. The housing landscape reflects a mix of ownership statuses, with 73.84% of units occupied with mortgages and 26.16% without mortgages. The median value of homes with mortgages is $914,650, slightly higher than those without mortgages at $834,150.

Education holds a significant place in Burbank, with 33% of residents holding college certificates or degrees, including 30% with bachelor’s degrees and 14% with master’s degrees. The workforce is predominantly white-collar, constituting 88.43% of the total, while blue-collar workers make up the remaining 11.57%. Additionally, 8,815 entrepreneurs contribute to the workforce, representing 14.91%, along with 68.55% of individuals employed in private companies, and 10.65% in governmental institutions.

Burbank maintains economic stability, with an average annual household income of $149,266 and a median income of $115,781. 

With a plethora of housing options, a strong emphasis on education, and a thriving economy supported by a skilled workforce, Burbank stands as a prosperous and flourishing community.

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Burbank, California, is a dynamic city nestled in the southeastern end of the San Fernando Valley. Positioned at 34.1808° N latitude and 118.3089° W longitude, it encompasses postal zip codes 91501 through 91526. Covering an area of approximately 17.4 square miles, Burbank stands out as a vibrant urban center within the greater Los Angeles area, celebrated for its rich history and eclectic population.

Originally inhabited by indigenous peoples, Burbank’s roots trace back to Spanish colonization in the late 18th century. The city underwent notable development during the early 20th century, with the rise of the entertainment industry and the establishment of major studios like Warner Bros. and Disney. This spurred significant growth, transforming Burbank into a thriving suburban enclave.

Today, Burbank stands as an independent city within Los Angeles County, having been incorporated in 1911. It boasts a reputation for excellence in education, with top-notch schools and institutions like Woodbury University contributing to its intellectual vibrancy. Its diverse community and robust economy foster a strong sense of pride and opportunity, making Burbank an attractive destination for residents seeking a high quality of life and prospects for success. With its blend of history, culture, and innovation, Burbank continues to evolve as a dynamic urban oasis, offering residents and visitors alike a unique blend of charm and modernity.

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