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Canoga Park History

Situated within the vast San Fernando Valley, Canoga Park occupies a strategic western position in Los Angeles, California. Its precise coordinates are 34.2083° N, and 118.6059° W, encompassing an area of roughly 4.35 square miles.  The neighborhood is served by zip codes 91303 and 91304.

Canoga Park enjoys a vibrant tapestry of neighboring communities, each adding its distinct character.  To the north, residents find West Hills, offering suburban charm and picturesque landscapes.  Winnetka, known for its peaceful residential atmosphere and abundant greenery, borders the neighborhood to the east.  The western boundary is shared with Woodland Hills, an affluent community celebrated for its upscale offerings and recreational opportunities.

Canoga Park boasts a rich history.  Before the arrival of Spanish settlers in the 18th century, the area was home to Native American tribes.  This period marked the beginning of colonial influence.  The early 20th century witnessed significant growth in Canoga Park, fueled by the development of the San Fernando Valley and the construction of critical infrastructure like the Los Angeles Aqueduct.

Canoga Park thrives as a well-established residential area, making it a perfect choice for families and professionals seeking a peaceful living environment within the dynamic Los Angeles metropolitan area.

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Canoga Park offers a dynamic environment for over 55,504 residents. With a median age of 37.1, the community fosters a youthful energy balanced by a near-even gender distribution 49.77% male, 50.23% female.  Families are well-represented, with 25.1% of residents under 18, while established residents make up 12% over 65 years old.  Citizenship demographics reflect a growing international presence: 56.62% are US-born, and 18.75% are non-US-born citizens.

Canoga Park caters to diverse housing needs, offering 8,362 units with an average household size of 3. Family-oriented living flourishes here, with 66.64% of units being family households. Ownership is prevalent, with 28% of units owner-occupied. The remaining 72% are rentals, with an average monthly housing cost of $1,860.  For homeowners, the median value sits at $624,150, with 64.75% having mortgages. Notably, families with children comprise roughly 35% of Canoga Park households.

Education is valued in Canoga Park. Approximately 24% hold a high school diploma, while 29% have earned college certificates and 18% possess bachelor’s degrees.  A smaller segment 6% holds Master’s degrees, while 23% have less than a high school diploma.  This educational attainment is reflected in the workforce, where white-collar professions dominate at 77.44%, compared to 22.56% in blue-collar occupations.






Auto Theft




Located within Los Angeles, Canoga Park falls under the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Topanga Area Division and the Los Angeles City Fire Department. Similar to many urban areas, residents are concerned about property crime, such as burglary and home invasion, partly due to ongoing challenges faced by the LAPD, including manpower shortages and a rising crime rate.

While Canoga Park offers a vibrant community atmosphere, it’s important to be aware of local crime rates.  Crime statistics indicate that Canoga Park experiences a higher rate of property crime compared to the national average.

During a standard year, the crime rate in Canoga Park stands at 60% higher than the national average The total violent crime rate in Canoga Park is 51% higher than the national average, including 301.3 assaults, and 191.2 robberies calculated annually per 100,000 residents.

Regarding property crime, Canoga Park experiences a total rate of 3155 incidents per 100k residents in a standard year. This includes 701.9 burglaries, 1,880.9 thefts, and 313.5 vehicle thefts per 100k residents.

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